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Reggie Kumar


“The reward in turning a client into a friend is just priceless; this is when you know the experience was greater than expected.”

What began as a hobby at the early age of 13 has turned into a lifelong passion for Imagination Studio’s founder Reginald Kumar. Throughout his successful career as a hair stylist he’s always dreamed of opening his own salon and recently that  dream became a reality with Imagination studios’.

A graduate of Marvel Beauty School Reggie was provided with a unique opportunity to study under the tutelage of non other than Christos Cox, an industry leading stylist and founder of Urban textures salon  and David Scott, who’s 20 years of color tech experience has proven to be invaluable.

While working with these hair moguls Reggie’s talents did not go unnoticed – “It was a humbling experience when I was asked to be a part of the team that worked with Miss Universe Canada.”  Since then he’s had the opportunity to work with various high profile clients but still continues to remain humble.

Today Imagination Studios’ caters to a wide variety of clientele from various backgrounds and hair types. We consistently strive to make each individual experience unique. “When I was 13 cutting hair in my parents basement I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be doing this today.”

Now ask yourself where can “your IMAGINATION take you”.



Growing up Azam found the passion to cut hair right away! Early in high school, he practice on his family and friends.

Right after high school, Azam moved to East Coast Canada to make an extra dollar. Working out there, he still came home and cut hair. Then he told himself, “This is what I Love. That is what I want!”

In 2010, he moved back to Toronto and took his young talent to a barber shop called Imagination Studio. Working alongside great barbers, assisted him to develop his skill.

After 3 year, he learned the business aspect of the industry. Azam decided to open his own shop with a partner, Diamond Cut barber shop in Pickering, Ontario. This was the new beginning to a great future. Azam and his partner built this shop from ground zero, sharing his gift to clients helped him develop and gain confidence to embark his career. It was unfortunate that the shop had to be let go, not by choice. He made his reappearance to Imagination Studio, but the story doesn’t end there!


Chris “Prince” Gray

“Anybody can cut hair off, but a barber knows when and where to stop.”

Chris “Prince” Gray stumbled into barbering at age 12 by getting a bad haircut from his aunt. His beloved high top fade was reduced to a undesirable mini afro. Prince took the shavers and gave himself his first one level caesar cut and a career was born. He spent the next 3 years cutting out of his grandmother’s garage using spare tires as a barber chair.

At age 15 Prince went into Nappy’s Hair Salon to apply for a job. He was told to come back with a client to do a sample cut. He showed up with 4 clients the next day and was hired on the spot. Being the youngest barber in the shop was his motivation to learn from the veterans. Eventually he landed a job at one of the most infamous shops of the 90’s, Cut Creator.

Prince has been barbering for over 20 years and one thing has always been his goal, quality. He believes that you are only as good as your last cut.

“The relationship between barber and client is a sacred bond. Never bite the hand that fades you.”


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